Review of the CT-50 Workout by Tyler Bramlett

There are dozens of workout programs to choose from on the Internet. These programs promise amazing results, but not all of them deliver. Tyler Bramlett’s CT50 cross training workout is a relatively new workout that claims that it can help followers transform their bodies without using machines or spending endless hours on cardio machines. This CT50 review will examine whether the workout lives up to the hype.

What is CT50?

The CT50 workout program is a pragmatic new workout program that takes the focus away from traditional high intensity interval training, and the boring, over-used low intensity, steady state cardio. Instead of these two extremes, CT50 has five different levels, and each level gradually introduces practitioners to new and increasingly challenging movements.

A CT50 Review

The CT50 workout has five different levels. The vast majority of the exercises can be performed with no exercise equipment at all, because they rely purely on bodyweight. Level one involves relatively easy movements such as shoulder bridge lifts and body rows, which introduce trainees to the motions that they will need to know for more advanced exercises. Level two adds exercises such as Turkish sit ups, which employ more muscles and are more challenging. People who are fairly fit may be able to jump straight in at level three, and by levels four and five you will be performing advanced exercises such as vertical pike presses and kipping pull-ups, which require a lot of strength, balance, conditioning and co-ordination. You can learn more about the levels and other aspects of the course here. Of course, to perform kipping pull-ups, you will need something that you can do pull-ups on, such as a dedicated pull-up bar, or access to a play park with a climbing frame.

The CT50 program is an interesting take on exercises. Since there are five clear levels of progression, and you do not advance to the next level until you have successfully completed the first level, you have tangible evidence of your progress. This is a good motivator, and means that people who are older, recovering from an injury, overweight, or simply not very confident in the gym have a chance to try some exercises pitched to their ability level. Other workout programs may be sound in principle, but because they fail to offer that one thing, encouragement, novices fail to stick with them for long enough to see progress.

The CT50 program includes a supplement guide and a nutrition guide which gives you suggestions and simple recipes such as smoothie ideas. If you take the supplements, follow the nutrition guide, and work hard in the gym then you will see results. Some people may not make it all the way to level five, but if your goals are fat loss and general health improvements, then they will be seen simply through increased activity and regular exercise. The idea behind this program is that you can complete all of the exercises quite quickly, and still get a good workout. For people who don’t have a couple of hours a day to spend in the gym, this is a huge benefit.

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Does CT50 Work?

If your goal is fat loss, or general health improvements, then yes, the CT50 workout will help you to achieve that goal. If you are an athlete looking for workouts that you can do in a hotel room while you’re away from home, then the CT50 program will contain a lot of useful ideas for you. No workout program is a magical cure for all of your fitness problems, but if you supply the motivation and hard work, then Tyler Bramlett will tell you how to apply that to achieve your goals.

This CT50 Review assumes that you have some experience of cross training, and that you can perform the exercises safely and comfortably. If you have led a sedentary lifestyle, have an underlying health condition, or are not particularly experienced in the kinds of exercises mentioned in this workout, you should speak to both a doctor and a personal trainer before trying a new exercise regimen. CT50 can be performed by novices, thanks to the range of difficulty levels that the program offers, but it is not a good idea to embark on a new exercise regimen unless your doctor has given you the all-clear.